Companion Support:

Learn from others like you living with PAH

While your healthcare team should be the main source of information and education, learning and connecting with others living with PAH can provide you with motivation and inspiration. Take a moment to read how some of our SHARE Network* Patient Advocates manage their life with PAH.

*The SHARE Network is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to inspiring others through their personal health journeys and stories of caring. It is managed and staffed by Reverba on behalf of Janssen Global Services, LLC.

What resonates with you from these stories?

Continue to talk with your healthcare team and care partner to reflect on how you manage your PAH. If you are enrolled in the PAH Companion Program, you can also discuss these topics with your dedicated Companion.

Your story can inspire others.

Connect with PAH advocacy organizations to explore educational resources on living with PAH, virtual support groups, and live community events. Ask your healthcare team to recommend local groups. You may also be able to find online, virtual, or phone-based support groups.

Want to find out more about how to get started in the PAH Companion Program?

  1. If you’re receiving a Janssen PAH medication, call 866‍-‍228‍-‍3546 to speak with one of our Care Coordinators.
  2. If you’re receiving a Janssen PAH medication, call 866‑228‑3546 to speak with one of our Care Coordinators.
  3. Tell them you are interested in enrolling in the PAH Companion Program.

The PAH Companion Program is only for patients on certain Janssen PH medications, and requires a completed patient authorization form to enroll.